Terrace Wires responds to the unveiling of the new Fourth Plinth installation

Controversy and excitement have surrounded the unveiling of the latest Fourth Plinth installation – Hahn/Cock by German sculptor Katharina Fritsch. In creating a platform to encourage conversation and debate around free art, strong opinions have formed among the general public and the arts world, cementing the city’s status as an art and culture hub across the globe.

Nicola Shaw, who oversees London’s latest rotational arts programme Terrace Wires at St Pancras International says: “This is something to get really excited about – a piece of public art with enough gusto and energy to drive conversation on a global scale. When we launched Cloud: Meteoros high above our Grand Terrace, we knew that some people would have strong opinions. The general response of awe and enjoyment has been uplifting. We have 48 million people travel through our station from all over the world, and Trafalgar Square sees even more visitors than this. As London landmarks we have a responsibility to enhance and enliven experiences of the city. If this blue cockerel encourages more of our French neighbours to travel on Eurostar to St Pancras so that they can visit Trafalgar Square – then in my view it is even more successful of course, and they will have the added benefit of seeing the Terrace Wires on arrival at St Pancras.”

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