Coming soon: Thought of Train of Thought

This year, we have the leading designer Ron Arad RA making a work for us, and it’s turning out to be every bit as ambitious as our previous years’ works. His work, Thought of Train of Thought, 2016, comprises one 18 metre twisted blade made of aluminium, rotating slowly to create an optical illusion of movement.

“I want this piece to enjoy the freedom from the static meeting of gravity and ground,” said Ron Arad RA, “Yet in a place like St Pancras – rich in architectural details, busy with movement of people, trains, billboards and other stimuli – the piece needs to be minimal, monolithic and calm but with effective visibility and impact.”

The piece will be fully unveiled on 7th July. Let the countdown begin!

Art at St Pancras International

St Pancras International is proud to be the home of some specially commissioned pieces of Art.

St Pancras Art and Artefacts

The Kiss statue at St Pancras International The Betjeman statue at St Pancras International