An explosion of colour comes to the Grand Terrace!

It’s finally here: today marks the launch of the second year in our hotly anticipated Terrace Wires art programme!

We’ve been working tirelessly over the weekend to install the stunning new piece – Chromolocomotion by David Batchelor – a kaleidoscopic sculpture suspended from the roof above the Grand Terrace.

Measuring a staggering 20 metres by 10 metres, the 44 Perspex L's that make up the design will no don't bathe the station, and its visitors, in a rainbow of colour this summer.

David Batchelor said: “Terrace Wires offered me the chance to create a piece of work that celebrates the beauty and grandeur of this iconic example of industrial engineering. With that in mind it seemed appropriate to celebrate this great volume of space above the platforms with something that alludes to these magnificent qualities.”

So why not take a moment when you next pass through the station to look up and absorb the colour.

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