St. Pancras Terrace Wires 2016, Ron Arad.

2016: Thought of Train of Thought

The 2016 artwork was by designer and Royal Academician Ron Arad. His installation, Thought of Train of Thought, was an 18-metre-long twisted blade that rotated slowly to create an optical illusion of horizontal, train-like movement.

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2014: Chromolocomotion

In April 2014, we launched the second sculpture of the Terrace Wires series at St Pancras International, Chromolocomotion by David Batchelor. The colourful artwork was unlike anything ever seen at St Pancras International bathing the Grand Terrace in a Kaleidoscope of colour.

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St. Pancras Terrace Wires 2017, Conrad Shawcross.

2017: The Interpretation of Movement

2017's art project was The Interpretation of Movement (a 9:8 in blue), by Roy...

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Tracey Emin's Terrace Wires Art Installation St.. Pancras, London.

2018: I Want My Time With You

The Royal Academy of Arts a...

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Tracey Emin's Terrace Wires installation at St. Pancras | 'I want my time with you' | Art in London.

Tracey Emin's 'I Want My Time With You': Here til 2020

It's official - Tracey Emin's Terrace Wires 'I Want My Time With You' light installation has a little more time with us...

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2013: Cloud : Meteoros

Cloud : Meteoros was the first piece of public art to fill the momentous space left by Olympic Rings. Designed by celebrated sculptor and British-born artist Lucy Orta and her husband Jorge, the piece was suspended above the vast Grand Terrace for six months in 2013.

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