Cloud : Meteoros, April – October 2013

Cloud : Meteoros was the first piece of public art to fill the momentous space left by Olympic Rings. Designed by celebrated sculptor and British-born artist Lucy Orta and her husband Jorge, the piece was suspended above the vast Grand Terrace for six months in 2013.

Home to large-scale iconic art installations such as Paul Day’s The Lovers and Martin Jennings’s statue of Betjeman – alongside the much loved Olympic Rings which graced the station last summer – the Grand Terrace at St Pancras has since taken public art to the next level, quite literally.

Inspired by the history and grandeur of the station itself, Lucy + Jorge Orta designed Cloud: Meteoros to unite people inside the station with the world outside. The cloud hovered above the buzz of visitors to St Pancras with figures gently resting on top who echo the passengers waiting on the platforms below. The artists envisioned a Greek Agora – a meeting place – when they conceived the concept of the figures gathering together on the cloud. Sized at 15m wide, 3m high and 3m deep, the installation well and truly made a lasting impact with visitors.

As the first commission in the Terrace Wires series, the work was commissioned by HS1 Ltd - owners of St Pancras International - following on the success of the Olympic Rings which were suspended in the same space in the months up to and then during London 2012 Olympics. The Terrace Wires hangs from the same equipment which held the Olympic Rings in place under the stunning roof of the station.

The Ortas’ artwork was shortlisted by an esteemed Terrace Wires panel, whose members include: Nigel Carrington, Rector at University of the Arts, London, Richard Cook, Editorial Director at Wallpaper Magazine, Evan Davis, journalist and author, Chris Wainwright, Head of Camberwell, Chelsea and Wimbledon Colleges, Edmund de Waal, Ceramic Artist and Author and Nicola Shaw, Chief Executive Officer at HS1 Ltd. 

Terrace Wires in the Community

The tentacles of the Terrace Wire programme extended beyond St. Pancras, in a series of high-profile partnerships over the period, including outreach to local schools and businesses. A community project took place with local schools in the Camden borough.

The second piece of art will be installed in spring 2014. The judging panel will then reassemble next year to judge the third piece of art to grace the station in 2015.

Art at St Pancras International

St Pancras International is proud to be the home of some specially commissioned pieces of Art.

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The Kiss statue at St Pancras International The Betjeman statue at St Pancras International