Chromolocomotion by David Batchelor (Terrace Wires, April – October 2014)

Chromolocomotion, expressed David Batchelor’s love of light and bold colour. Using brightly coloured Perspex shards, the new installation created an ever changing explosion of colour over the Grand Terrace in the station.

Taking influence of the station's gothic Victorian architecture and striking colours, Chromolocomotion made use of the iconic Barlow Shed roof as a light source transforming the area into St Pancras' very own stained glass window.

The 20m x 10m piece stopped the station’s visitors in their tracks and encouraged them to look up and take in this year's installation.

Art at St Pancras International

St Pancras International is proud to be the home of some specially commissioned pieces of Art.

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The Kiss statue at St Pancras International The Betjeman statue at St Pancras International